We Sell Refurbished

Computers, Laptops, Smartphones-iPhones and Samsung. iPad, Servers, Monitors, Consumer Electronics.

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Major exporter of Refurbished

Hard Drives ,SSD,Memory

and CPU

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Tablets - iPads

Sell, Buy & Repair

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Sell your iPhones or Smartphones for Cash

Highest Price, Excellent Service, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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JB Micro

Everything in IT and Mobile Products. Providing Best Value to Customers and Corporate, Since 2003.

Computers & Notebooks

Buy, Refurbished Computers, Laptop, Monitors, Servers, Consumer Electronics.

Buy & Sell

Accessories: Chargers, Power Supplies,Cables, Screens (LCD/LED/OLED) etc.

Upgrade Options

Memory, Hard Drives, Optical Drive, SSD etc.

Everybody has standards ours
are just better.

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JB Micro
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